Moving to the cloud: Is risk holding back your business?

More and more SMEs (or SMBs if you prefer) are choosing to enhance their IT infrastructure by moving to the cloud. While a move to the cloud might be the perfect solution for some growing small businesses, it isn’t for others. If you’re having trouble weighing up the pros and cons, here are some things you should consider first.

It seems like the world is shouting about the cloud and there’s certainly a real buzz about it as far as small business IT goes, but it’s important to make yourself aware of the reasons why many small businesses are adopting a cloud infrastructure.

Today’s small businesses want access to their data at all times and from any location, using any device. They want applications that allow them to respond to customers and employees in real time – all simply with an Internet connection. This is a huge driver for a move to the cloud, particularly for businesses whose workforces are becoming increasingly mobile.

Maintaining in-house systems and hardware often requires hiring IT staff with the technical know-how to keep these and other systems running. There are lots of skills required to maintain your company IT systems and investing in a highly skilled IT workforce can be an expense you just hadn’t considered before. As an alternative, investing in cloud infrastructure – there are numerous pieces of the cloud puzzle that don’t actually require on-site hardware – could save your business all of the hassle and expense that comes from hosting your own equipment.

Moving to the cloud doesn’t have to be confusing. Simply take a step back and identify what it is your business could benefit from. Do you need a desk phone? Data Storage? Web management? Virtual desktop? Do you need licenses for multiple users? Does your workforce need to pool ideas, resources and documents together during projects? These are the things that popular cloud office productivity solutions, such as Office 365, can help you achieve.

Moving servers and storage to the cloud will offer you access in abundance, with simplified management and administration, and increased efficiency with reduced costs. If you can see this as a leap forward from your current business technology, then a move to the cloud makes sense. If there are certain aspects of your business that would benefit from the cloud then move those and leave others until it’s time to do so.

At help4IT, we’re honest and straightforward with our customers about the cloud. We know to tell you when it doesn’t make sense to move into the Cloud and when it does – saving you time and money. It all depends on what your business needs versus the time, effort and expense required to not move to the cloud.

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