How to move offices and your IT infrastructure

There comes a point in the life of every business where their current premises can no longer accommodate for the growing nature of the business. At this point they must consider moving into a more suitable office location. Relocating can provide a whole host of benefits for business growth, but ensuring your connectivity and uptime throughout the moving procedure can be more difficult than you might think.

Potential Issues

Moving can be stressful, but it’s a vital part of growth and a critical part of this is analysis potential issues you might run in to. This allows you to tackle them before they arise to ensure a smooth process. IT problems are often the biggest causes of unexpected expenses during an office move, as many of your staff are often unable to work as their equipment is relocated. This creates downtime, which can create loss of business and damaged communications with clients can ruin your reputation and potentially lose you clients.

These problems do not stop once you have settled into your new location however. Businesses can encounter problems with the strength of the internet connection, the wireless connectivity, building layout and a range of other networking and IT infrastructure issues. For this reason, it is important that these are taken into account before starting the physical relocation, not once you arrive and find your operations reliant upon an unpredictable and unreliable IT foundation.

Ensuring a smooth relocation

Every problem you encounter during the relocation process presents new costs and new potential for lost business and damaged reputation. Utilising an effectively managed moving strategy which accounts for all of your business technology and IT is essential. A major part of this plan should be the assessment and setup of the new location to ensure it has the necessary infrastructure in place, whether this be cabling and wiring or making arrangements with service providers and engineers to install routers, switches and Ethernet ports around the office.

This should also be planned in accordance to where each piece of equipment will be installed in the new office. It’s important to ensure that the placement of computers, routers, wireless access points and office equipment is decided before the move to increase efficiency and reduce risk of hiccups in the moving process.

Specialist Help

It can be tempting to try and manage this process yourself, but handling every detail of the operation properly and ensuring no loss of efficiency can quickly become overwhelming. Having access to a dedicated team of specialists allows you to enjoy the benefits of a new office space without worrying about the stress of the move. There are a range of considerations that can impact the moving process and the difficulty of having to manage a relocation. These include; the way that your business stores data, whether you utilise cloud services, the size and industry and the client base and the location of the new and old office space.

To explore the advantages that a specialist IT relocation management firm can offer, visit our website here or get in touch with one our experts by calling 0800 043 4448.

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