Managing your IT through the office move process

There are a number of reasons to consider moving to a new office location, from regional opportunities to expansion and scaling operations. It’s an exciting time for your business, moving forward into new markets and opportunities, representing the constant strive for development and improvement. Managing your IT throughout the moving process can be stressful and time consuming, and without proper planning and aid, you could end up with extensive downtime to your operations, costing significant damage to your profits and reputation. So, how you can ensure peace-of-mind with your IT when relocating offices?


Preparation and planning

The most important stage of any office move is the planning, and not just for the IT. Before moving into a new location, you want to be sure that you have a proficient knowledge of the new area, including a good understanding of local markets, demand, potential expansion, the people and the utilities available.

Planning for your IT move is a similar process. You need to ensure you have accounted for the supply and distribution of a reliable electricity supply throughout the building, as well as a capable and effective network connection, with a contingency plan to allow for continued operation if either supply does not work out as planned.

Networking and wiring diagrams

Just as you might plan where desks and utilities will be located within the new office space, you will need to assign a location for any network and IT management systems including servers, administration systems and any existing IT equipment. From here, you can plan how each device will connect to each other and the network to ensure that everyone can continue work uninterrupted from the new location.

A key part of this process is a comprehensive and extensive audit, which should be carried out in advance of the move as part of the planning process. This should assess the speed and reliability of any current bandwidth, as well as assessing the safety and efficiency of current electricity and utility wiring or piping. This is essential as it ensures that your business is compliant with all safety standards, and everyone within your premise can work in a safe environment.


Unsure? Consult the experts

If you’re unsure of any aspect to do with your IT during the office move, the best option is to talk to the experts. Help4IT provide a specialist office move consultancy service, offering peace-of-mind when it comes to managing your IT throughout the office move process.

To find out more, give one of our friendly, professional team a call today on 0800 043 4448 | +44 207 653 9780.

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