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Technology is often a double-edged sword. It can introduce numerous advantages for efficiency, learning and exploring creativity but it can also put up some serious barriers. The way that tech operates in schools depends very much on how it is viewed, handled and managed. Make the most of technology and it could open the door to an exciting range of advantages for students and staff.

Communicate with parents

Parents need to be reassured that children will be using technology at school in a safe and intelligent way.  That’s why it’s important to keep parents informed about technology use at school, as well as the measures being taken to ensure it is safely used.

Staff training should be ongoing

Technology doesn’t stand still. Even for the most enthusiastic tech geeks it can be tough to keep up with the pace of change and what that means for being human. Regularly training staff in the technology that you’ve chosen to use will guarantee two things:

  1. That you’re always getting the best out of the investment in the technology as a learning tool because everyone knows how to use it optimally.
  2. That there is ongoing awareness of the most up to the minute threats and potential issues that could arise when combining children and technology.

This investment is crucial to ensure that schools make the most of technology and should be a consideration when CPD courses are being chosen.


According to statistics from the i-SAFE foundation over half adolescents and teens have experienced cyberbullying. Roughly the same number have carried out the bullying. Educating and informing children, discussing and exploring what it’s like to be on either side of the fence is crucial for schools embedding tech into learning infrastructure.

Support and guidance

Outside of cyberbullying there are many more areas of concern that need to be dealt with to ensure technology is an asset in schools, as opposed to a risk. For example, teaching children how to safeguard themselves online, and what happens to personal content that they post, is key. Ofsted now regularly looks in to whether there is the right support for children who are unsafe online, or who have experienced problems such as cyberbullying, so schools incorporating tech must do so in conjunction with safety nets and guidance on how to use it safely.

Partnering with the right provider

For any school looking to engage with technology as a learning tool there are key priorities that the right service provider should be able to deliver. This includes troubleshooting options, such as access restrictions and monitoring, as well as a system that can highlight and cope with any external threats quickly and efficiently. The right service will combine all this with being an efficient learning tool with high quality standards that creates a nurturing and productive learning environment for students.

If you’re looking for an IT provider as a school or small business then get in touch with hlelp4IT today on 0207 653 9780.


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