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Linux is often used for specialist applications and servers but is now moving out of the ‘niche’ and into the mainstream. It’s not for everyone but there are many SMEs (Small-Medium Enterprises) that use the system for mission-critical applications. We have spent years advising businesses on how to get the most from their systems and it’s surely worth taking the time to discover what Linux can do for you.

You might have been using Linux for years or you might have decided more recently to opt for a flexible operating system for your business; whatever the weather, we know that Linux provides you freedom of choice.

Business owners are also discovering that Linux is a gateway to cloud services that help them run more efficient operations and at reduced cost. Linux is also run on thousands of personal desktops. In fact, to highlight why you should give Linux a second thought, here are a handful of benefits to using it:

  • Improved support services for businesses
  • High stability and low downtime
  • Security measures that rival other systems and that benefit from collaboration on a global scale
  • Increased flexibility and opportunity for innovation.

Users attuned to the Windows or Mac environment may find navigating a Linux system challenging, but that doesn’t mean that it cannot work for your business.

We understand how important well-maintained systems are, so if you incorporate Linux into your organisation, we can help. We offer a range of Linux support services to suit your needs including proactive fixed-price support, Pay As You Go, and project-based IT support that compliments the skills and resources of your in-house team.

We’re leaders in Linux support. Our highly skilled technicians and broad expertise means that we’re well equipped to help your business build and maintain efficient and effective systems.

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