Keeping your systems stable

The Linux operating system is widely used for specialist, mission critical applications and servers. It has a worldwide reputation for stability and exceptional performance. But while you can rely on its performance, what happens when you want to upgrade because your server is reaching the end of its useful life?

Manufacturers continue to innovate – they offer new systems and servers and new solutions, but simply replacing a fully functioning system that has been integrated into your network may not be an option.

It can be expensive and a lot of hassle to replace a fully functioning server, especially if you opt for Microsoft’s proposal of a move to the cloud – Office 365. It’s not just the capital costs involved in purchasing this new service, there’s the cost of integration and licenses. There’s the disruption and inconvenience of managing what will almost certainly be a significant project.

Worse, solutions that are working just fine may have been subject to end-of-life notices, meaning that support is no longer available from the manufacturer. Just look at the recently retired Microsoft Small Business Server. IT managers have most likely been pulling their hair out looking for a suitable replacement. Or, if support options are available, they could be too costly to be viable. What can you do if you are running essential applications on a your current platform that are no longer supported?

That’s where we come in. We can offer full support and maintenance packages for specialist Linux solutions, enabling you to sustain your systems and ensure they keep running.

By choosing help4it as your support and maintenance partner, you can enjoy many benefits. We are technology independent, being both Microsoft partners and Linux specialists with our own UK multi-datacentre cloud infrastructure. We can help you consider all the options, implement your chosen solution and provide expert proactive support 24/7. If your systems are working fine, doing their job and continuing to deliver performance, why change anything – except your support partner?

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