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“We are a people business” – Mel Patel on the founding of help4IT

When I first founded help4IT Limited, it was already clear to me that I wanted my company to be one of
a kind. IT is often seen as boring and complex with plenty of terminologies that would turn any business
owner off within 5 minutes. I wanted to build a business that is exactly the opposite.

I’ve always appreciated and respected people I meet and love helping where I can. This was also the
cornerstone of help4IT when I embarked on the mission to build an IT company that is also a people
business. I wanted my clients to feel heard, respected and understood. I didn’t want my clients to feel
puzzled when an IT manager explains what needs to be done, I wanted everything to be clear and simple.

This philosophy has resulted in long-term relationships with both employees and clients. I value
connection and relationship and that also shows in our relationship. Many of the help4IT team have
been around for over a decade and so have many clients like Groundswell who we’ve been working with
for over 15 years already.

One size doesn’t fit all

Another reason for customer loyalty is that we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. This is why we
take time to listen and understand the requirements of our valued clients instead of playing that we
know it all. We tailor our services to provide the optimal solution for our clients. From cybersecurity and
MSP to consulting and providing pay-as-you-go with the features that are vital for our clients has
ensured that our customers are happy.

We are family

I take pride in having around me people who have become family to me. With time, me, my team at
help4IT, and our clients have become like family. When you treat people like family, they are more likely to
stay with you long-term. Investing in relationships is a vital ingredient in our success story.

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