The importance of effective planning for your office move

Download the help4IT Guide to Office Moves and find out how to maximise uptime and minimise disruption to your business

If your business is growing fast and you are looking to move into a bigger office or you simply want to relocate your office to somewhere new, you’ll need to get your connectivity up and running as soon as possible. But how do you ensure this happens successfully and that you have the appropriate measures in place if something goes wrong? The answer: plan your office move in advance with experts like help4IT.

Recently BT Openreach announced that it intends to make 1,600 new engineering staff available to help reduce the time taken to install new lines and fix faults on existing lines. This is excellent news for us and our customers if BT do indeed cut installation and repair times. But, this is a relatively limited solution to a complex problem and it only solves one piece of the puzzle.

Planning ahead for an office move is essential, regardless of the reliability of your connectivity provider, and before attempting the move you’ll want to get help from IT experts. They’ll know what to look for, what problems may occur along the way and they’ll have a contingency plan to cover you should things go wrong. They’ll also help you to recognise the importance of planning well in advance as doing so will help minimise IT downtime and disruption.

For example, what happens if a fault is discovered somewhere in the network that your business relies on for daily communications? Recently, we dealt with a similar situation for an important help4IT client. Their current connectivity provider failed to order a line in advance and due to a fault discovered in the local network, the connection process could not be completed. What’s more, their current provider’s hands were tied. The provider needed to call out a BT engineer to attend the fault area to conduct site diagnostics and initiate repair. Until it could be repaired, the installation process ground to a halt, leaving our client in a connectivity black spot.

Suddenly, all the progress that our client had previously expected vanished. Weeks turned into months of waiting and it became clear that their business was suffering as a result.

In the past, such delays have been a common occurrence for BT customers. Delays caused by faults in the network can mean you’ll be waiting too long for your connectivity, and it doesn’t matter who your provider is – they are just as reliant on the network operator as you are. This can have a serious and immediate impact on your business and, in general, makes working extremely difficult. Without appropriate planning, you risk affecting business productivity during the move and afterwards.

This is one of the reasons why we have created a Guide to Office Moves – to help you in planning and executing the move and organising the professional help you will require to minimise disruption to you business.

Download our guide now to learn more!

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