The importance of assessing and preventing data breaches

As your business scales up, you will be dealing with higher volumes of in-house and external customer data. However, your corporate data protection legal responsibility remains the same, meaning that you will need to regularly assess your IT infrastructure and ensure that you are putting measures in place to prevent data breaches.

Regulate your Data Protection compliance

It is crucial that your business complies with legal Data Protection regulations in order to avoid penalties and legal action being taken against you, should customer data be compromised. Regulations fall under multiple groups such as The Data Protection Act as well as the FCA PCI who can all advise what responsibilities you hold as a business, what data falls into a category of needing to be kept private and confidential, and how you can ensure that your data protection is consistently sufficient.

Identify risks to your IT infrastructure

The way to assess the risks within your IT infrastructure is to look at each stage – how are you storing your data? How are you disposing of it once it is no longer required? You should check who has access to information, and ensure that if staff members leave, that they no longer have access to the information. Whether you’re using all digital information or some physical documentation, the legal requirement to keep this secure remains the same. By highlighting risks at each stage, you can then address each of these and ensure that your data protection is up to date.

Prevention of data breaches

Assessing your IT infrastructure and risks regularly can help to prevent a data breach and the consequences that come with it. A great way to do this is to highlight weak points to improve and develop strong data governance strategies to keep your company compliant. This could involve delegating responsibility for specific data, educating staff on the management of in-house data and correct procedures for storing and deleting information that is outdated.

Expert advice to keep your IT secure

One of the most effective ways to ensure that your IT infrastructure is always up to date and as secure as possible is to take advantage of the expertise and experience that your IT provider can offer you. help4IT are experienced at developing IT infrastructures that are highly secure and fully compliant, as well as helping to educate your team in-house and develop a strategy to ensure that security is maintained and data breaches are avoided.

Find out more about keeping your data secure by giving help4IT a call today on +44 207 653 9780.

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