How to overcome the security concerns of virtual working

Virtual working is on the rise but security issues are also at the forefront of many businesses considerations when implementing flexible working options for employees. Any holes in security can cause huge problems including downtime, confidential information being compromised, security breaches and legal action, financial penalties and brand damage should Data Protection guidelines be broken. With many threats facing businesses, how can you overcome the security concerns of virtual working?

#1 Delegating roles and responsibilities

One key area to improve security when your employees are working virtually is to delegate specific roles and responsibilities. You should also be clear about the security of your hosted servers and whose responsibility it is to ensure that data is secure. You might need someone in-house to be in charge of overseeing your security policies and management to ensure that processes are being followed by staff for optimising security and maintaining secure access only.

#2 Maintenance and updates

Over time, the requirements for access to different information will change. For example staff may change job roles, leave and still have access from their personal devices to company information or new staff may join your organisation. This means that it’s imperative that you are regularly accessing who has access to information and then prevent this if they leave, or make amendments in levels of access appropriately in order to reduce unauthorised access to confidential data.

#3 Managing hardware for virtual working

When employees are working away from the office, it’s important that the hardware they are using is secure. This means that all devices, whether they are owned personally or within the company, must have requirements to login to access information, with strong passwords and encryption where necessary. Regular backups should also be taken in case of a security breach caused by human error such as sharing passwords, or stolen or lost hardware.

Working securely and flexibly

Despite security concerns that may come initially with virtual working, there is no doubt that the flexibility that it offers employees is useful. Not only can employees work from home or another chosen location within flexible hours, but costs can be cut as a smaller office space is required since a smaller percentage of the total number of staff will be in the office at any given time.
If you want to find out more about getting set up to allow flexible working within your company and would like to discuss the most secure way to implement this, give the help4IT team a call today on 0207 653 9780.

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