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How MSPs Support Charities

Bags for charity filled with food

Charities do vital work to support the vulnerable in our communities. To ensure efficiency and quality, as well as safety and compliance, charities often turn to MSPs (Managed Service Providers) for assistance. The reason charities turn to MSPs for support is to ensure that all needed support is available always and it is also a cost-effective solution, enabling them to allocate more resources to support those in need.

Our story

At help4IT, we didn’t set out to niche in the charity sector, however, as we were approached for assistance by charities, we took the chance to make a positive impact on people’s lives through our expertise and enthusiasm for tech. We work with many charities from AGE UK Camden and Groundswell to Meals On Wheels, providing them with tailored solutions that ensure they can always operate effectively.

We’ve helped our clients with full cloud migration, automation of operations, including route planning and orders, as well as Linux support to ensure the system and all programs work properly. Charities often need to find ways to be cost-effective without sacrificing quality and safety, that’s why many charities turn to an MSP like help4IT for support with their IT requirements. Most of the charities we work with have been with us for 15 years and refer us because we not only know our field inside out, we take time to listen, communicate and nurture the relationship. We genuinely care about the charities we work with and we want to ensure our clients and the people they help are happy and stay safe.

The impact of MSPs on charities

Charities must always think carefully about their budgets while ensuring that their operations don’t suffer, and their team and their customers stay safe. This is why many charities opt-in to outsource their IT operations to MSPs.

Meals On Wheels were planning their delivery routes manually which took time, so they turned to us for help. We automated their operations in terms of route planning and orders with the help of Microsoft Azure. As a result, they were able to take on 200 more households as customers for meal deliveries. Read more about our work with Meals on Wheels here.

Groundswell had chosen to use a Linux-based server to reduce costs, but their IT service provider wasn’t able to solve an issue causing the charity severe issues with their IT operations. The charity turned to us because we have Linux expertise in our team and the capability to resolve the key issues quickly. Since that day we have been the trusted partner for Groundswell.

Charities can’t afford to risk their operations halting or slowing down due to tech issues. People across the country rely on charities for daily support. If the IT operations aren’t optimised, not only their performance but also security is affected. These are the main reasons why MSPs are trusted partners for charities like Groundswell and Meals On Wheels. Charities also appreciate human interaction with their service provider. As we are a people business that cares about our clients, we build a strong bond with the charities that we work with. This is why we have retained these clients for many years.

For further information on our IT support for charities, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Mel Patel

Mel Patel is the Managing Director of help4IT. With over twenty years of management experience in Information Technology products, services, and support, Mel is primarily responsible for the strategic development of help4IT. Mel became Managing Director in 2003 since which time help4IT has accelerated growth in all aspects of the business.


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