3 areas to address within your network ahead of the internal auditing process

How do you know when your business could benefit from outsourced IT support?

Functionality and security are often two elements where on-premise IT falls down. Whether as a result of a lack of resources or expertise, the impact on an organisation can be devastating if there isn’t sufficient IT support in place. Outsourced IT has developed to both fill the gaps in existing IT provision and to offer what is often a more cost effective and expertise-driven alternative. So, how do you know if your business could benefit from outsourced IT support?

You’re experiencing downtime

Avoiding downtime is a priority for every business. When networks and systems are interrupted this can have an instant impact on productivity, profits and growth. It can also affect relationships with customers where services are interrupted and can present problems when it comes to staff morale too. Downtime can be costly in financial terms, as well as reputationally, and too much of it eventually puts any business in jeopardy. The benefit of outsourced IT support is better continuity and more uptime, reducing the risks to your business as a result.

Your network security is in doubt

Cyber security is another major priority for organisations today, as the volume of cyber attacks via malware or phishing for example, continues to grow. If your business doesn’t currently have a clear security strategy, isn’t prepared for the required increase in data protection introduced by the GDPR and doesn’t have clear monitoring and upgrade options in place then it may be time to get some help. An outsourced IT provider can review existing measures and offer guidance on improvements, address best practices for security and data protection and steer the process of implementation too.

You’re wasting internal resources

When IT is managed in house there is often an element of wastage, as those staff may be on permanent contracts but not permanently engaged. Alternatively, it may be the case that responses aren’t swift enough due to a small team size or the level of expertise is often lacking. From scalability, to access to a far broader range of expertise and the option to pay only for the time and services you actually use, outsourced IT has many benefits when it comes to better resource allocation and helping to cut costs.

Existing IT often lets you down

A solid IT infrastructure should support business growth, as well as smooth day-to-day operations but so many organisations are currently limping along with inadequate existing IT. Working with an outsourced IT provider offers the opportunity for review of existing systems and an objective perspective on what could be improve, upgraded or changed to make the IT that you have more appropriate for current needs.

You’re not really ready for the GDPR

It’s hard to emphasise just how important data protection will become when the GDPR comes into force on 25th May this year. If your business hasn’t reviewed the way it stores data, contacts customers and obtains consent, for example, then you could be opening up your organisation to significant penalties. Another advantage to working with an outsourced IT partner is the changes they can suggest to ensure your business is genuinely GDPR ready.

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