How can proactive IT support and ongoing monitoring help your business?

IT functionality provides a firm foundation on which any business can begin to grow. A well designed infrastructure and proactive support will optimise IT investment to deliver real returns and enable tangible development. For any organisation, the right support and monitoring can be both an efficient way to handle the challenges of modern business IT and an opportunity to enjoy the benefits.

Ongoing monitoring has become essential

From network performance through to attacks on servers, monitoring is a simple way to ensure insight and awareness of critical change to IT systems. The performance insights that network monitoring provides enable IT infrastructure to be better tailored to the business, to identify resources that could be better used and areas where support is lacking. Networking monitoring also provides crucial early warning when issues arise. The timing of a response to something like a security breach can make all the difference to its outcome – without ongoing monitoring some breaches can simply go unseen and the damage can be significant as a result.

Proactive IT support provides access to experts at a manageable cost

An in-house IT team is an expense that many organisations – especially SMEs – simply can’t cover. 24/7 support for problem solving and routine administration doesn’t have to come from an internal team. In cost benefit terms it rarely makes sense to opt for this kind of investment, particularly when economies of scale make the expertise and experience of an in-house team available at a fraction of the price via an outsourced service. With proactive outsourced IT support, a business has the support and strategic vision it needs to thrive without the heavy cost burden of paying for this in-house.

Business continuity is improved with the right support

From network monitoring, to regular maintenance and expert disaster recovery planning, proactive IT support includes many features that are designed to deliver improved business continuity. Operational disruption is one of the biggest threats to organisations today, particularly given the rise in the number of cyber attacks and the much higher expectations that customers now have, particularly when it comes to data protection. It’s essential that organisations have business continuity provision in place and proactive IT support makes this simple.

A well designed IT infrastructure can improve productivity

Businesses that benefit from IT support that helps to optimise infrastructure design and includes regular, proactive maintenance, have the opportunity to significantly improve productivity. Systems and strategies that are the right fit for the organisation (i.e. the hardware and software required to meet business’s needs) support swifter growth and development and help to remove obstacles that hinder productivity. Well maintained systems reduce key frustrations – for example, a well maintained infrastructure results in 80% fewer support calls – and remove inefficiencies that might be preventing a business from moving forward.

Our proactive managed IT support makes all the resources of an enterprise class IT department available to any business. From continuous network monitoring, to maintenance and strategic vision, we can support your IT infrastructure fully. Companies including Groundswell, Accesspoint, Metaforce, FAGE and Oracle have all benefited from our services. Get in touch with help4IT today to find out more.

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