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How can outsourcing IT benefit managers and solve real business issues?

Outsourced IT support provides instant and reliable access to experts able to help organisations solve many of the most common business issues. Particularly for small and medium sized enterprises it is a much more cost effective and convenient alternative to setting up and maintaining an expensive in-house team.  And when it comes to adding value, outsourced IT support provides solutions where it really matters.

Issue: spiraling costs

Managing costs can be a big problem, especially for new businesses operating on a lean basis. Surprise expenses and chaotic budgets can be responsible for sinking even the most promising new companies. Outsourcing IT provides a much more predictable cost for this key part of the business infrastructure, making it easier to manage the numbers overall and to ensure that service levels are reached without additional expense incurred.

Issue: security problems

Cyber criminals have begun to turn their attention much more to smaller businesses and start-ups are particularly vulnerable. An in-house IT team may be limited by numbers, budget and time which can result in mistakes being made with security that is inadequate or simply out of date. IT suppliers tend to have a much wider range of experience when it comes to spotting potential security issues, dealing with them swiftly and ensuring that businesses structures and systems are always up to date.

Issue: downtime

IT downtime is the big killer for businesses today, so many of which are dependant on technology infrastructure for survival. While an in-house team might provide excellent maintenance and strategy, small teams are rarely equipped to cope with genuine disaster recovery that causes significant downtime. Working with an IT supplier provides a much deeper level of support in the event of serious downtime, whether it’s the work of a hacker or a physical issue such as a fire. Expert advice, planning and swift implementation can get a business back up and running far more quickly.

Issue: a lack of resources

For many businesses today, IT is crucial. However, it is often not what drives the business forward – that’s where winning new clients/customers, innovating strategy and developing products will be key. The more of your resources that are diverted towards IT, the fewer there will be to channel towards making your business do what it does better. Outsourced IT frees up these resources by enabling IT spend to be carefully managed and matched up with actual business need so that your team can add more value elsewhere.

Issue: a lack of expertise

Only the large and well established businesses can afford the kind of in-house IT support that covers every eventuality, niche and idea. For smaller enterprises it is often a compromise that means something is always missing. That’s simply not the case when IT is outsourced, as this offers access to a much bigger team, often of industry experts, who can deliver a far more diverse and in-depth service.

Issue: inappropriate IT

Not all IT is made the same and every business requires its own unique infrastructure. Identifying the best IT choices is a tough task for those without specialist experience. However, putting this in the hands of the experts via an IT supplier can make for better choices and more streamlined systems.

If you’d like to find out more about how outsourced IT could benefit your business get in touch.

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