help4IT – Top 10 of the best Google Android Applications

Last year we published a list of our top 10 best free Google Android Applications. Now we’re updating our list and including some excellent paid apps too – trust us, they’re worth it.

Google Android had found its footing in the consumer smartphone market and is no longer the new kid on the block. It’s a serious rival to iOS and continues to keep Apple on their toes. Being an open source mobile operating system Android the potential to offer more apps is far greater than with iOS. There are some fantastically fun applications out at the moment, some for business and others for pleasure, and here’s what we’ve come up with (in no particular order):


1. Google Sky Map

We used this app in our list last year but let’s leave this one where it is. A must for any budding stargazer or anyone with more than a passing interest in the sky at night. This is a stunning Google Android application that uses GPS to map the night sky and show you in stunning detail the constellations of the cosmos. Those lucky enough to have had a clear sky over the past few days would have been able to use this app to direct you towards comet ISON – had it not broken apart and been rendered almost invisible.


2. WordPress for Android

A fabulous app that puts the power of publishing literally in your hands. It’s feature-packed, with the latest version allowing full integration with other apps and easy updating of content. Get creating on the go!


3. Google Goggles

Using this app you can search the web simply by taking a picture of something with your mobile – an easy point and shoot mechanism – and use that to search the Goggles database. If Goggles finds the logo, text, image, it will provide you with relevant information. You can scan barcodes too.


4. Winamp

Here is a fine figure of a music player app. On Android it has plenty of music streaming options and allows you to play, manage and sync music from your Mac or PC. The good news is you can import your entire iTunes library, meaning you can essentially use it as a music storage device, importing and exporting songs as much as you want.


5. Quad Drawer

Quad Drawer is essentially an app that allows you to search for your android apps in rapid time. It’s a simple app drawer that uses the predictive keyboard – just type a few letters and it’ll bring the app to you. It also allows you to automatically arrange your apps based on frequency of use.


6. Imgur

If you’re one of those people that loves to peruse the hundreds of viral images that circulate the Internet then this app is for you. It allows you to browse the most viral images and to organise them how you like.


7. Genius Scan

This is probably the saviour of many people that have been caught short without a scanner printer. Out of ink? Feed tray jammed? Unable to connect to your printer/scanner? Never fear! Genius scan will allow you to photograph any paper document and convert it to a PDF. From there you can share the file via as many means as you have enabled on your smart device.


8. Tube Map London Underground Status for

A simple app that gives Google Android users a route planner and online street map, plus real time service updates from TFL including closures and disruptions. Very useful if you travel by tube regularly to ensure that your journey is not interrupted.


9. Call Blocker

Have a peaceful Christmas and block those unwanted calls to your mobile. With an easy to use call filter you can reject unwanted calls and even auto-respond with an SMS. You can also configure the app to accept only address book SMS and backup your contacts. It’s perfect those who’ve had enough of spam callers and time wasters.


10. Flipboard

With this app you can literally flip through the most beautiful news and social news stories of the hour. It’s designed to suggest news based on your selected topics. You can then save selected stories and collate them into your own ‘magazine’. It’s a great way to simplify the hustle and bustle of world news.

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