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At the start of 2012 there were an estimated 4.8 million businesses in the UK, which employed 23.9 million people, and had a combined turnover of £3,100 billion. SMEs accounted for 99.9 per cent of all private businesses. Small and medium enterprises are extremely important to the UK private sector and it’s equally as important to understand SME market demand: what enterprises want and how, as a provider of services, you should help. We are an IT support provider, dedicated to helping small business and startups keep their IT in check, reduce costs and spur growth. We understand our customers and we know what it takes to help them grow.

We know that outsourced IT support eases frustration with technology and we’ve found that small businesses need a different kind of support than what is currently on offer. If your webmail vendor can’t help you with network issues, you’ve maxed out your free online storage allowance or you’re simply fed up of organising six different bills from six different suppliers each month then perhaps it’s time you made a change to the way you deal with IT. We know this happens to many small businesses and that’s why we strive to be different from the ‘average Joe’ IT support company.

We’ve structured our support services so that businesses don’t need to think about paying several suppliers for different services. Our modular, pay-as-you-go IT services allow customers to choose what they want from our portfolio, pay one supplier (that’s us) and add more services as they grow. We take a ‘Business in a Box’ approach to small business IT, which means that they can leave all the hard work to us and get on with running the show.


What can our pay-as-you-go service do for your business?

  • Provide big company IT at small company prices
  • Simplify your support and simplify billing
  • Put an IT department at the end of the phone
  • Deliver enterprise services with no CAPEX
  • Control and reduce your IT expenses.


Why not talk to us to find out how we can help your business grow?

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