How to Handle End-of-Life for Microsoft Small Business Server

If a key software vendor announces the ‘End of Life’ (EoL) of a part of your IT architecture that is critical to your organisation, what do you do? This problem is common for many organisations and so they have to plan for such cases. Even with a disaster recovery procedure for EoL eventualities it can still be problematic, particularly if there is no guarantee from the original vendor of a replacement.

Many organisations that rely on third-party hardware and software to power their networks and run their businesses are coming across such issues more and more, which is, in part, due to changes in technology – incentives to move to the cloud and so on.

For example, Microsoft recently announced EoL for its Small Business Server (SBS) product, leaving businesses and technology resellers wondering how they can deal with the fallout.

help4IT, IT professionals to enterprises across the UK, provides a range of future-proof solutions to help organisations overcome such issues. We often encounter a diverse range of challenges, much like the Microsoft SBS EoL announcement, that means organisations must make important changes to their IT infrastructure. This is why we offer solutions specially tailored to suit the demands of today’s businesses. With that in mind, if your organisation has been affected by the SBS EoL announcement we can suggest several options.

There’s the Microsoft alternative. The official replacement for Small Business Server is Windows Server Essentials. But, Essentials doesn’t include Exchange. A big change for SBS users. You will either have to consider purchasing Exchange separately or integrate Essentials with Microsoft’s Office 365, which offers hosted Exchange, SharePoint (another missing component of Essentials) and Lync Communications.

There are Linux /Open Source options available. Linux can be a smart choice for an SBS replacement. Being Linux experts, we can give you access to a wealth of Open Source applications, removing the hassle and ensuring your systems run smoothly. For example, our technology partner Zentyal offers an excellent SBS solution. Zentyal has combined some of the best open source applications on a robust Linux platform with an easy administration web front-end. This contributes to a reliable migration method from current servers.
We’re Microsoft partners and Linux specialists, which means we’re able to sell and, importantly, support Microsoft and Linux solutions, as well as many others. We’re also independent, meaning we can help you consider all the options.

Get in touch with help4IT today to discuss your Small Business Server replacement options.

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