Guide to VoIP telephony for #smallbusiness and #startups

Voice over Internet Protocol or “VoIP” telephony involves sending and receiving calls over the Internet instead of the telephone network. There are several key advantages to VoIP telephony, particularly for small and medium sized businesses, that mean business owners and IT professionals are keen to adopt the technology. One of the numerous advantages is the reduced cost in making VoIP telephone calls compared to that of traditional copper-wire systems.

By now, most small businesses and startups interested in purchasing a business phone system will be looking for an IP-based solution instead of analogue. Just as an example of the technology’s popularity – in 2008, 80% of all new Private Branch Exchange (PBX) lines installed internationally were VoIP.

VoIP is certainly a cheaper way of making telephone calls and as the technology matures, along with the proliferation of high-speed Internet services, it may become the primary mode of voice communication globally. But, jumping on the VoIP bandwagon could cost some businesses, depending on their size, a lot more than expected.

So, what can SMEs do to ensure they get a best-in-class VoIP solution but avoid those nasty overheads? Technically, all you need is a broadband connection but the more users your business has the more bandwidth you’ll need so watch out for service provider bandwidth “caps”. You’ll also need to make sure that your business internal network will be able to handle the call load.

Whether you want to subscribe to a cloud-based VoIP service or one that is based on your premises you’ll need to decide first what your business needs. If you are a small team that wants to be able to make free internal and cheap international calls without all the bells and whistles – such as a virtual receptionist, call screening and call forwarding to email or mobile – then you won’t want to opt for a subscription-based premium VoIP package. The good news is, however, most VoIP suppliers offer flexible packages and it’s often cheaper than a traditional phone subscription anyway.

Our advice is, choose a VoIP system and IP-PBX platform that is best-in-class and field proven to deliver what your business needs, like our Business in a Box VoIP telephony solution. Business in a Box VoIP employs the industry’s leading IP-PBX platform “Asterisk”. It’s a world-class solution that delivers a full suite of enterprise functions and with no expensive, ongoing licensing or upgrade costs. VoIP is made to be flexible and our Asterisk service is one of the most flexible available.


With Business in a Box VoIP you’ll get big company IT at small company prices and if you’re not 100% delighted after one month we’ll give you your money back. Why not contact us now to find out about our business VoIP?

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