How to get Linux IT support in an Open Source world?

tux-linux-penguinThere’s a common misconception that IT support for the Linux operating system (OS) is difficult to find. As open source software, Linux is a system with many variables, subject to constant change and customisations. So you can see why that might be problematic for the average IT desk to keep up to speed with.

The reality, however, is that support for Linux is readily available. From online enthusiasts and dedicated users, offering insight across public forums, all the way to professional IT experts specialising in the system’s ever-varying uses and applications.


Public Support

A large global community has grown up around the open source system. Meaning no shortage of online avenues offering different types of help and answers to a plethora of common issues around Linux.

Such as?

  • Google – Google can provide a first port of call when seeking an answer to Linux related issues. Nevertheless, caution needs to be taken when lifting information from an online search. Can we trust the accuracy and integrity of the source of the data we find online?
  • Community Forums – Most of the main open source package providers will have some kind of chat room, forum set up where users, experts and programmers will, in the very spirit of open source, share information and create an ongoing encyclopaedia of answers. Again, however, it’s crucial that you are discerning in the forums you visit as misinformation can be seriously counterproductive.

If you’re responsible for the maintenance of your system, you need to be certain that the data you’re finding is accurate and trust-worthy. Using public searches certainly requires a degree of caution, sifting out the relevant from that which is out-of-date or just plain wrong.

Perhaps then, for the most efficient use of Linux OS, finding support from a professional IT expert to supplement your understanding through trusted public sources will help deliver sustained performance of this versatile, stable and secure system.


Professional Linux Support

The idea that distributors of open source software offered no support to end users is an out of date opinion. The major distributors such as Red Hat or Ubuntu do, these days, offer a level of support that you expect to find with other ‘closed source’ operating systems such as Windows or Mac.

This support will likely tend towards the generic, in accordance with its own variant of the system. Which might be too narrow in scope for many businesses with more complex systems across a range of applications and uses.

This is where working closely with a professional IT consultancy will offer the most efficient, productive and cost-effective help for your IT network.

Because, contrary to what you may think, IT professionals with an up-to-date expertise on all things Linux related, do exist. Whatever variation of Linux your company is set-up with, your IT professional should be able to provide you with a bespoke level of support, offering the peace of mind, reliability and productivity.

  • Full management of your entire Linux system
  • Project management and roll-out of new systems or applications
  • Professional, unbiased advice and consultation of the best types of open source software for your business needs
  • Ad-hoc support to respond to issues as and when they arise.



There’s no shortage of Linux related information in the public arena. And through diligently seeking trusted forums you can indeed find a degree of assistance beneficial to your needs. However, from a business perspective, by adding the support of a professional IT company, specialising in Linux and other open source systems can offer the best chance of ensuring maximum benefits from this ever-popular, stable and safe system.


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