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Could cloud infrastructure help your employees be more productive?

The cloud is a powerful resource, allowing users to optimise their storage and network solutions to cut costs and allow for an improved virtualised infrastructure. While this alone is often a reason for many businesses to consider making use of cloud technology, it’s worth considering whether a cloud infrastructure could also empower your employees to be more productive with their work.



One of the most significant ways in which a cloud infrastructure can impact your employees’ productivity is through pure accessibility. This is due to the fact that a cloud infrastructure can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. This level of flexibility and accessibility means that employees are able to work remotely, as well as while commuting to and from business appointments and meetings, allowing them to experience vastly improved potential for productivity on the go.

Not only this, but on certain occasions, whether due to harsh weather conditions or personal factors, employees might be unable to get to work. In these situations, the ability to access the resources that they need to complete their work from the comfort of their home or a remote location can be the solution that they need to complete urgent tasks that they might not have been able to otherwise.


Security and Disaster Recovery

The ability to access your network from anywhere with an internet access might create some concerns for employers and IT staff about the security of their private data, but on the contrary, opting for a cloud solution can actually be the opportunity to reassess and optimise your data security that you have been looking for. Using a private cloud connection with secure devices and carefully managed and encrypted data allows for a secure, reliable connection with drastically improved uptime.

In the event of loss of data on a local client or the failure of one of your machines, having all of your data stored securely in the cloud also allows for a fast, easy recovery, with no loss of service or interruption to your workflow. Compared to a traditional local storage solution, in which failure can result in a complete loss of service for an extended period, this can often make the difference in service delivery for clients, establishing your brand’s reputation for quality and reliability.


To find out more about how a cloud infrastructure can be used to increase employee productivity in your business whilst increasing data security and compliance, speak a member of our expert cloud applications team today on 020 7100 3310.

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