How IT can help small businesses cope when staff go on holiday

Summer is a popular time of year for staff taking their annual leave. That three month period from July to September when staff tend to book their two-week or more (if they’re lucky) summer holidays is often the time that small business owners dread. It means organising staff who um and ah over their days off, delegating assignments and apologising to customers “for the delay” while your colleagues/employees relax on a beach somewhere exotic. For small businesses and startups with a humble workforce there is the risk of missing deadlines and damaging business relationships. So how can SMEs manage when vital members of the team are away? We have found that there are several key factors to maintaining high service levels over the summer:

  • Preparation – this means making sure staff are aware that they must get the job done before they leave or alert colleagues to unfinished tasks that require attention.
  • Keep staff up to speed, organise emails and route calls.
  • Manage a public calendar – this means setting up a virtual shared public calendar that all staff has access to (a hard copy will work perfectly too).
  • Ensure that the remaining staff have access to critical documents and contacts should they pick up colleagues’ projects – cloud computing works wonders in this department.
  • Rely on robust rules i.e. policies and procedures for managing people and tasks. Again, setting up email alerts and scheduling shared meetings and appointments so that assignments can be completed on time.

We know that all of these factors require a bit of foresight. We also know that technology can help in many of these cases. For small businesses it’s often a challenge to manage IT even when team members are not on holiday. We understand that technology is the backbone that gives almost every small organisation the support they need to keep things running smoothly – especially today. That’s why we do what we do.

For small business owners it’s important to stay on top of running operations; managing staff holidays and keeping customers happy. We love to take the technical stuff off their hands. That’s why we developed a service that’s perfect for doing so. Business in a Box is an all-you-need IT service based in the cloud. It’s what you need to help your business grow. It’s modular so you only sign up for the services that you require; whether it be hosted email, file storage, web management, hosted phones or a virtual desktop. Business in a Box simplifies IT and lets you get on with running your business.

Why not find out more about Business in a Box or contact us to speak with one of our experts.

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