How can you best prepare your IT in advance of your office move?

Relocating your office is a substantial task that requires detailed plans and procedures to ensure that your business does not face any downtime and can continue to deliver a consistent, quality service. The entire process requires a major upheaval and, if unprepared, can result in significant disruption to your business operations. So, how can you best prepare your IT in advance of your office move to minimise downtime and ensure a seamless transition?


Create a plan

The first stage in any relocation should be the creation of a plan. It’s important to account for every aspect of your IT, ideally starting months before the move to allow you time to account for each device in the office, as well as the larger servers and printing equipment. It can help to rehearse the process once the plan is established, as this can highlight areas that have been missed or areas that might need more attention, as well as giving an estimate of the timescale needed to complete such a relocation.


Moving your IT

When relocating, you will need to organise a system for relocating all of your IT equipment, as well as the regular office furniture. Form a detailed inventory, marking items in accordance to a floor plan to help create a diagram which does not exclude anything. This floorplan can then be used to map out the location of your IT assets and office furniture in the new location to ensure that everything has a place before the relocation, preventing confusion and wasted time deciding on the location of everything once you have started the physical moving process.


Check your IT systems

Once everything is in place, it is vital to properly review the IT systems before handing over control to each user. This helps identify what needs to be updated, replaced, added to or changed and removes the potential for downtime if the systems are not functioning properly before commencing work. This also provides a great opportunity to assess business systems, for example, your business might have outgrown its phone, storage or backup systems.


Speak to the experts

If you are unsure of how to complete any of these steps, or do not have the time to properly prepare your IT for relocation, the best option is to speak to the experts. At help4IT, we’re experts at making office moves easy, taking full responsibility for auditing, planning and moving your entire IT system to a new location. All you need to do is turn up and start work. It’s one less thing to worry about, and it allows you to enjoy a seamless transition without loss of service.

To find out more, speak to a member of our friendly support team at 0800 043 4448 or +44 207 653 9780. Our team will be happy to talk you through your options to help you establish a plan for a seamless IT relocation in advance of your office move.

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