How to build big data storage

When we think of big data, if we’re not already too puzzled by the concept, we tend to think about what it means to us and the results it delivers: the fantastic insight and discoveries our analytics will lead us to and the subsequent boom in profits.

It’s a key term that encompasses quite a few things and it has often been thrown about in conversation, debate and market forecast as ‘the next big thing’ for quite some time now. The practical considerations – such as, where to put all this data – don’t hardly go noticed often enough, which isn’t surprising.

In this case, your business will need a storage strategy to help you find a place to put all the data your analytics engine collects. To facilitate this, ask yourself a few basic questions:

  1. How much data do you have?
  2. What kind of data do you have?
  3. What kind of storage will you then need?
  4. What will you use it for?
  5. Which regulations do you need to comply to?
  6. Will you be able to handle the data when it grows?
  7. Do you know what data you actually need to keep?

Once you have reasonably answered these questions, you will have an excellent idea of the kind of storage you will need to support data collection, manipulation, back up and growth.

The obvious point to make would be that your data storage strategy depends entirely on your business, your industry and yours and your customers’ needs, now and in the future. This approach will mean you are prepared to grow as your data does.

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