What benefits does VoIP bring to SMEs?

Off-the-shelf Telephony systems can often prove to be far costlier than business owners realise, and traditional ISDN lines seldom can be limited in functionality when compared to newer, internet-based systems. Introducing VoIP.


What is VoIP and what can it offer my business?

VoIP, or Voice over IP, operates in a similar manner to traditional Telephony systems with one key difference. Rather than utilising the standard telephone line, VoIP solutions operate through your internet connection, converting the analogue signals into digital data transmissions. This empowers you to experience a range of new functionality, including the setup of an IVR switchboard, call recording and monitoring services, voicemail, conference capabilities and a do-not-disturb function, to name just a few.


Reduced expenditure, advanced opportunities

The main reasons for businesses to opt for a VoIP solution in place of a traditional Telephony system can be broken down into two main categories; cost and feature-set. Voice over IP systems utilise your existing broadband connection, meaning you do not need to budget for installing an additional connection line into your business, saving initial and ongoing expense. You will however need to ensure that your current internet connection has sufficient bandwidth to handle multiple devices and users placing and receiving calls simultaneously.


Empowering your business

As well as reducing expenditure and allowing for a more simplified installation, VoIP protocol can empower you to explore vastly improved flexibility and manageability, allowing your employees to easily route calls through to mobile devices to allow for remote working scenarios, as well as reducing international call costs and allowing the same VoIP system to work across multiple locations across the world.

To explore how VoIP can help your business experience new opportunities and enhance your communications with prospects, customers and stakeholders, give us a call today on +44 207 653 9780.

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