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What benefits can a bespoke IT infrastructure offer your business?

Every business has different requirements when it comes to their IT. From storage solutions to catering for necessary processes and backup requirements, off-the-shelf solutions are not always applicable to the needs of companies, and can often result in them paying for unnecessary components. If your business hasn’t considered bespoke IT solutions, then there are numerous benefits that are worth bearing in mind.

Bespoke solutions increase security and flexibility

Security is one of the most major concerns for many businesses, since it has significant legal implications and data protection regulations must be adhered to. In many cases, a bespoke solution can offer much greater security than standard solutions, since they can be tailored to your exact requirements.

Faster data restoration and RTO times

Certified processes can be put in place to ensure that data is backed up effectively. This means that you can guarantee a faster RTO time and reduce the negative effects on your clients and in-house when downtime occurs. Data can be stored and backed up using a private or [public cloud solution depending on what best suits you. This structure can also give you better overall services due to large bandwidth pipes.

Cuts costs and reduce your carbon footprint

Ultimately, choosing a bespoke solution means paying only for the things your business setup requires, and cuts out costs of things that will not be used. It gives you full control over your IT infrastructure and the features that it has, meaning you also have control over the way you work –this can include flexibility to work remotely. Some options such as using the cloud can also reduce operational costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

A solution to suit you

The most important thing about your IT infrastructure is that it allows you to complete day-to-day processes efficiently and meets your requirements. Although standard setups can be suitable for some businesses, a bespoke solution is often much better at directly addressing these needs, and ensuring the best possible infrastructure that is tailored exactly for optimum performance.

Find out more about bespoke IT support solutions by giving help4IT a call today on 0800 043 4448.

Mel Patel

Mel Patel is the Managing Director of help4IT. With over twenty years of management experience in Information Technology products, services, and support, Mel is primarily responsible for the strategic development of help4IT. Mel became Managing Director in 2003 since which time help4IT has accelerated growth in all aspects of the business.


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