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Are You Prepared for a Cyber-Attack?

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By March of this year, there had already been around 300 million breaches and attacks worldwide. This goes to show that criminals are becoming more active and leveraging different tools and strategies to get what they want. This raises the question “ARE YOU READY FOR A CYBER ATTACK”? The reason it is best to rely on a cybersecurity company is due to the fact they have teams of cybersecurity experts who have the extensive education and experience needed to combat the various types of attacks. If you have some kind of cybersecurity product installed on your network of devices, you are going to be able to prevent a good number of attacks, but without an expert that constantly reads reports and anticipates the different threats, you are at risk. Experts do not need to turn to a manual every time there appears to be a threat. Companies need a team to be on the constant lookout for things such as zero-day attacks and other unseen threats that may appear.

Just look at all the different kinds of cybersecurity companies and products that exist, it’s because attacks can come from your cloud, servers, firewalls, SDS systems, personal devices and more. With a SIEM solution, you will not only get preventative software, but real-time notifications on serious threats, not false positives. In addition, if an attack is detected, your hired team of experts will start working with you to find a solution within minutes of an attack.

What are hackers using now?

As cyber security evolves, so does cybercrime. Now hackers don’t only rely on crafting phishing emails and malicious payloads by themselves, they leverage AI to generate them. They also use alternative methods to lure business owners like you into their trap. Social media is becoming one channel they use to execute their plans. Hackers can take over a person’s account and pretend to be the person and then once initial communication has been established and they enquire about your product or service they send you a Cloud folder link that contains a virus. So, the threat can come your way from many directions. A third one is a direct hack into your system. This is a commonly used tactic, especially against governmental and public institutions but sometimes can be used against businesses as well.

What can an attack cost you?

According to Statista, the cyber-attacks cost UK businesses between 861GBP and 8040GBP depending on the size of the business. This goes to show that considering a cyber attack an accident and not being prepared can be a costly mistake. Fraudulent emails and websites were behind 80% of the attacks that resulted in financial loss for businesses. If you want to minimize the risk of suffering a financial impact due to an attack, it’s vital that you take preventative measures before it happens to you.

Do you want to mitigate your risks? Contact us today for a free initial risk assessment.

Tom Finnis

Tom Finnis is responsible for the delivery of IT support services and projects to help4IT's clients, as well as the development of the company's cloud infrastructure and related products. Tom has overseen the growth of the Help4IT technical department from 3 to 12 full-time staff, with additional contract workers, creating the systems and procedures to enable the efficient provision of the company's high level of support. More recently he has led the design and deployment of help4IT's multi-site cloud infrastructure.


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