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Broken door representing cybersecurity flaws

Are You Monitoring Your Front Door to Check You’re Not Being Raided?

A couple of decades ago it was rather common for MSP providers to tell clients it’s enough to monitor a couple of choke points to stay safe. The reason for this was that it was extremely expensive to monitor all the devices, so the common procedure was to monitor only 1 or 2 devices.

These days it’s not enough as cyber security attacks evolve and become more sophisticated. Imagine yourself watching the front door and the thief enters from the bedroom window and kidnaps your child without you noticing. This is what happens when you focus on a couple of choke points using a traditional wired security solution which is expensive. Now, it’s more cost-effective to monitor your whole premises as you can have sensors installed in all vulnerable areas like windows and doors around your house. The same goes for cyber security. With the development of new solutions, you can cost-effectively monitor and secure all your devices at once, mitigating all your cyber security risks.

The threat can come from many sources

Where traditionally the threat comes in form of a phishing email, now hackers also use existing companies to execute their malicious plans. Just a few days ago a business consultant contacted us telling that she was contacted by a US-based company enquiring about her services on LinkedIn. The person who had either hacked into the actual marketing manager’s profile or had created a fake profile sent the consultant a folder link that seemed reliable and legit. Once the business consultant downloaded it, her cyber security system alerted her of Trojan viruses in that folder. She took appropriate action that saved her from harm being inflicted on her devices. This shows how important it is to have proper cyber security installed on your devices and how smart cybercriminals have become.

What can you do to stay safe?

It’s surprisingly common for organisations and especially for SMEs to think they won’t become a victim of a cyber-attack until they experience it. This results often in losing valuable data and in the worst case can also lead to a recovery time of weeks or even a month. So, what can you do to stay safe? If you’re already using Microsoft’s products, it’s a good idea for you to also leverage Microsoft Sentinel which is a SOC platform that gives you a bird’s-eye view across your whole organization. It detects, hunts for threats and responds accordingly, giving you peace of mind. Sentinel leverages AI in hunting and identifying cyber threats and attacks which makes it an extremely efficient tool for protecting you, your team, and your customers.

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