7 helpful resources for Linux developers and admins

linuxAs an open source operating system, there is certainly no shortage of community-driven resources for Linux developers and system admins. But with such a huge breadth of choice, which are the best of the bunch? We’ve chosen 7 of the most helpful resources out there, for everyone from Linux newbies to expert developers.


1. Forums

Online forums are a brilliant place for developers to problem-solve and innovate with the global Linux community. One of the most lively forms can be found on, where threads range from system administration to learning Linux, programming, hardware and mobile computing. With a recently revamped website, is a user-friendly and insightful place to get the latest news, tutorials and webinars. Ubuntu Forums are also popular among the open source developer community.


2. YouTube

For visual tutorials, YouTube is full of helpful Linux videos aimed at developers and admins – making this an accessible platform for solving challenges and finding quick answers. Tek Linux and Nixie Pixel are both popular channels – especially among Linux beginners.


3. Blogs

To read more about the experiences of real Linux developers, earmark a few blogs and keep tabs on their posts using a mobile app such as Bloglovin’. The Everyday Linux User is a good place to start – a down-to-earth blog by Gary Newell, a software developer and SQL Server DBA – including tips and reviews of the latest Linux operating systems. OMG Ubuntu and Web Upd8are also well worth a follow.


4. Podcasts

The world of Linux is ever-changing, and podcasts are a great way to keep up to speed with the latest news and developments. The Linux Action Show Podcast is one of the best out there – with weekly episodes produced by well-known tech production company, Jupiter Broadcasting Network. FLOSS Weekly is also worth checking out.


5. Reddit

Reddit is a virtual bulletin board, packed full of discussions from users around the world. If you have a question, create a new thread (otherwise known as a ‘subreddit’) on the platform and wait for the answers to roll in from developers and system admins from all corners of the globe.


6. IRC Chat

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a way of connecting users across the globe in real-time within separate, niche networks. From here, you can communicate with large groups of fellow developers about open source coding and Linux using a simple text messaging system.


7. Magazines

Niche Linux magazines are a helpful resource for developers and admins of all levels – particularly for keeping up with the latest developments, news stories and tips. UK-based magazine Linux Voice – initially funded by a crowdfunding campaign – is now one of the most popular independent industry publications out there. Many developers rave about Linux Format magazine, too.

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