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5 signs that you might need external IT input

It might be a daunting prospect to look at using external IT providers, but it is often the best approach to ensuring that your business’ IT is sufficient not only to meet your requirements, but to function in a secure and practical way. Often it can be more cost-effective to outsource your IT needs where they are insufficient in-house, but how do you know when external IT input is needed?

#1 – Your IT infrastructure is lacking

An external IT provider can give you strong impartial audit of your current systems and how they may be lacking in different areas. Flaws can be identified and addressed by taking an outside view, and their specific knowledge and experience working with many different firms will give detailed insight about what needs to change or be updated.

#2 – Resource management and allocation

It might be that internally you have staff members taking care of certain areas of your IT where this is not their area of expertise or within their job role. This wastes time and compromises the efficiency of your business, where an external IT engineer will be able to take care of specific projects, maintenance and network overhauls on an as-required basis. This can also save you money instead of employing someone internally full-time, and enable you to allocate resources in-house in a way that boosts staff productivity and working efficiency.

#3 – For stronger security measures

To get the highest possible levels of security in place for your business’ IT requires in-depth and experienced knowledge of cyber security threats and how these can be addressed and prevented. An external IT provider will be able to put best practice measures in place to guarantee the best possible security and data protection and they will be up to date with the latest regulations and requirements such as the latest GDPR which is due to come into effect on May 25th 2018. It might be that your business already has some security measures in place, but the whole configuration and implementation must also be sufficient to prevent unauthorised third-party access.

#4 – Customers are at risk

If you can’t demonstrate that your business is able to sufficiently protect your customers’ data then this can lose their custom and relationship altogether. It can deter potential customers who want to rest assured that their data will remain confidential, so working with a certified IT provider gives companies the opportunity to demonstrate to customers that high data protection standards and in place and processes implemented to make sure that data breaches are made as difficult possible, and gives your customers confidence in your brand and products or services.

#5 – Loss of earnings through downtime

Downtime is one of the highest costs to businesses annually, and can lose earnings not only through the downtime itself, but also due to service interruptions losing customers, and damage to your brand reputation if the downtime is reflected within service provision to your customers. Uptime is therefore a major priority for businesses and the ability to provide the highest levels of uptime comes with experience and attention to maintenance. Your IT provider will be able to provide consultancy and advice about what the best solutions for your business are, both practically and financially.

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