What are the 4 greatest risks with using Out-of-the-box Cloud services?

With such a vast array of cloud infrastructure solutions available, how do you know which option is the best for your business? Many businesses explore out-of-the-box” options to find something standard within their budget. However, there are some risks in choosing this approach, such as the solution not meeting your exact requirements. What are 4 of the greatest risks of choosing off-the-shelf cloud infrastructure solutions?


#1 Data Protection issues

Data protection is a concern for many businesses. Protecting their customers against external threats and data breaches is a legal requirement, as well as affecting the trust and customer relationships formed. Despite the fact that the cloud is generally very secure, using many well-known cloud providers does mean sending data into a public, vendor-controlled environment, rather than severely restricting access to in-house users. For some businesses, keeping this information absolutely secure and restricted to internal access is essential, which is made possible using a bespoke cloud option instead.


#2 Changing bandwidth capacities

Out-of-the-box solutions run the risk of the reducing the effectiveness of your service due to a number of users using the server’s bandwidth at the same time. This can mean that the speed of data retrieval/backup can be significantly reduced at times. Using a bespoke option provides an environment where the server capacity is exactly right for the requirements at any given time.
#3 Customer Support levels can be compromised
Regardless of what your requirements are, there are bound to be occasions where you require support from your cloud provider. The benefit of using a bespoke solutions provider instead of an out-of-the-box option is that there is more likely to be more personalised support available, rather than being transferred through to a large call-centre where it may take a longer time to speak to someone.


#4 Paying for unnecessary extras

The main problem with out-of-the-box cloud services is that one size doesn’t fit all. Within any ready-made solution, there will be elements that you receive that you don’t want or need, but end up paying for as part of the overall cost. Sometimes you may be required to upgrade to a higher package to get specific features not included in the cheaper options, increasing the cost again for unnecessary extras. Bespoke solutions are tailored to ensure that you are paying for exactly what you are using and nothing extra.


Choosing the right cloud solutions

Some cloud solutions offer exception benefits to large SMEs, but tailoring them where possible can help to ensure that all requirements are met whilst keeping costs down as much as possible. Working with experts to explore the full options available to your business can help you find the right solutions for you.

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