3 IT support Small Business Myths Dispelled

3-it-support-small-business-myths-dispelledSmall businesses face a variety challenges on the road to success. Competition is fierce, and many SMBs are constrained by budgeting issues that make it necessary to ‘make-do’ with the resources they have on hand, rather than extend capital on areas that won’t show returns immediately. They often must make purchasing and employment decisions based on quick returns or the lowest cost—it’s simply a necessity.

For this reason, IT support for small businesses often include outdated, slow, and inadequately staffed IT capabilities. Although in the current global marketplace, business depend on their IT for the most basic operations (like phone, transactions, or purchasing), many SMBs think that building ‘enterprise’ level IT functionality is beyond their ability. And they wrongly believe that until they achieve a certain level of growth that they’ll just have to deal with the frustrations of older servers, low-level software, and other IT inefficiencies.

However, the advantages of cloud computing and as-a-service solutions allow innovative ways for SMBs to update their IT support model and achieve the same IT functionality of larger enterprises. Don’t let these IT support small business myths hold your company back.


Myth #1: Only large enterprises need advanced business software.

The Internet has made it possible for anyone with an idea to create a great business, and advertise world-wide. And, indeed, brick and mortar businesses have the ability to reach more people through website development and e-commerce solutions.

But, for your business to grow, you need the resources that enhance your activities. Whether you sell a product or deliver a service, your data (engagement—like voice, procurement, and customer communications; and record—like employee information, recordings, etc.) is the backbone of your operation. And, you need the latest software applications to manage it effectively, and according to the compliance regulations relevant to your industry.


Myth #2: The best business software is too expensive and too complicated to operate without dedicated in-house IT support.

While it’s true that many applications require intuitive automation and other workload and processing solutions, just because you don’t employ a dedicated IT staff doesn’t mean that your business can’t benefit from one. Many service providers who offer cloud-based solutions also provide enterprise level IT support. And, it’s provided at a fraction of the cost for the same in-house personnel.

You get a team of experts who can handle the automation strategies you need. Plus, your business benefits from having access to the latest software upgrades and advanced server capabilities.


Myth #3: Cloud-based solutions aren’t secure enough

Cloud technology is evolving at an explosive rate. What was impossible back in the olden days (2-4 years ago) is now a reality. Hybrid solutions that utilise a combination of on-premise and virtual solutions provide the scalable flexibility that allows your company to optimise IT functions. It gives you the option to store and process sensitive data according to compliance regulations, and utilises cloud computing in areas with less stringent requirements.

Plus, you can use cloud resources to create stronger backup and recovery solutions so that your company doesn’t have to deal with stressful, costly downtime.


Myth #4: Cloud based services are designed for larger enterprises

Particularly when you talk about “Software as a Service”, people automatically think it will still require an enterprise IT infrastructure to work with it, and expert staff in house to setup and manage it. Often this isn’t the case nowadays, with the right provider most SaaS solutions can be setup to work with any business…


Knowing that these commonly held beliefs are fictional can make finding the right IT solutions for your business much easier. By making the switch to VoIP (which digitises telephony communications), adding software-as-a-service tools, and working with your trusted service provider to develop cloud-based solutions, your business can operate with enterprise-level IT.

Experience greater efficiency, significant cost reductions, and improved functionality through innovations in technology. Discover all of the benefits cloud solutions can offer your business by contacting one of our experts today.

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