3 Reasons Why Every Charity Should Love the Cloud

3_reasons_why_every_charity_should_love_the_cloudSuch has been made about ‘the cloud’ and its features and respective benefits to the modern workplace that upwards of two-thirds of UK SMEs have adopted it, in one form or another, into their business. However, cloud technology is not the sole preserve of the private sector.  Offering a range of value-adding benefits that would seem perfectly suited to charities and other not-for-profit organisations.

Cloud-based IT solutions offer organisations the ability for easy and secure storage and sharing of data, accessed anywhere across a range of office-based or mobile devices. Combined with easy ‘real-time’ communication between remote locations and you have a system that might deliver the perfect solution to a charity which operates across a range of national (and even international) territories.

Here are a few key reasons why the cloud might be the ideal solution for charities:

1. Improved Flexibility & Productivity of Remote Employees and Volunteers

Cloud Solutions can remove the shackles of your data, no longer stored within the confines of an office. Being able to access files, documents and other essential data from anywhere, courtesy of Wi-Fi internet and a mobile device (smartphone, tablet or similar) can dramatically improve the productivity levels of your employees and volunteers in the field. Extending this further, the entire operation of a project or the day to day running of the charity can be further enhanced through the ability to collaborate, communicate and co-ordinate with colleagues and key contacts wherever they may be around the globe.

Major projects and initiatives can be seamlessly rolled out across multiple locations, for instance, with minimal requirement for the workers to travel for briefings beforehand, thus saving time and money and vastly improving overall efficiency in operation.


2. Scalability

Another major factor in the implementation of a cloud-based system is the fact that you can adjust the scale of the service to match your charity’s requirements at any given time. This could deliver significant positive implications for a charity organisation, many of which will fluctuate in size and scope according to the time of year or specific projects and campaigns being carried out.

How so?

  • Pay only for what you use – cloud services provide a cost-effective solution to a charity as you can accurately tailor your services to ensure you are only paying for what you use and need, ensuring your expenditure is reflective of the scale of your operation.
  • Effective Campaign Management – Launching a major campaign can change the daily dynamics of a charity, with greater strain on services and capacity as well as significant increases in workload and personnel. With a cloud-based IT system, this transition can be effectively and easily managed as you can simply increase the resources needed for the duration of the campaign; reducing it accordingly once the campaign has ended and ‘normal’ service has resumed.
  • Helping with temporary staff and volunteers – Charities will often call upon the services of temporary workers and volunteers for specific projects. With a cloud system these new additions can easily be integrated through access to the remote servers for the time that they are working, removing the capacity once their service has ended.
  • Future-Proof Technology – An added off-shoot of adopting ‘the cloud’ is that you aren’t beholden to a system that may require updating after only a short time. The flexibility you have in working with an expert cloud-application provider is that your system will keep up with the changes in technology, routinely updating to provide you with peace of mind that your system remains robust and fit for the tasks at hand.


3. Cost-Efficiency

Uppermost in the minds and concerns of most charitable organisations will be their budget. Often reliant on funding and fund-raising the cost-effectiveness of a charity operational expenses is critical in its overall success. And using a cloud system through a reputed, professional expert provider, is a proven method for bringing improvements to the finances and controlling costs.

  • Significant savings (upwards of almost 40% in some reported instances) in operating costs by moving to an outsourced, expert cloud provider through reductions in energy charges and operational costs such as hardware, networks and labour.
  • With the removal of hardware and other infrastructural costs, there are long-term cost benefits through the reduced need of upgrading, repairing and renewal of equipment.
  • Quick Access of Data – the ability to access data easily from remote locations, and to effectively communicate with colleagues, can save significant amounts of time (and cost) in daily operations


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Let the Professionals Handle Your IT While You Focus On Your Charity

Knowing that your charity might benefit from adopting a cloud service is one thing; understanding exactly what system you require may be quite another. An IT consultant with experience and expertise in the oft-changing cloud service sector will be able to help you through the process so that the system you go for may have long lasting financial benefits to your business. Request a free consultation today with one of our friendly team.

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