3 key areas to focus on when moving to the cloud

Cloud computing really starts to make sense when you think about what it does for IT: it increases capacity without the need to invest in new infrastructure. At a very basic level, you can move to the cloud just by using the functionality provided by a service, application or platform accessed over the Internet.

These days, businesses are seeing the benefits of the advanced services that the cloud offers: cost and time savings, increased flexibility, creativity and productivity, as well as numerous others that we haven’t mentioned. However, one of the most relevant issues that we have come across is what businesses need to think about when moving to the cloud. Explaining to company owners and IT pro’s the benefits of cloud computing is great, but it’s only the first step.

We know that businesses of all sizes can benefit from the cloud in some way. We also know that small businesses often don’t need high-performance computing, but rather, a more modest investment, perhaps in a public cloud environment. That’s why we have come up with three core areas to focus on when going through the process of moving your business to the cloud.

  • Backup – make sure you have a spare and secure copy of your data. This will give you the confidence to experiment without risking your other services.
  • Find the right provider – it is essential to find the right cloud provider and to make sure they are capable of making the transition as smooth as possible. Do your due diligence on these people. If they don’t cut the mustard, find another.
  • Make it easy – ease of use is so important for your entire cloud strategy. If your employees can’t share data or do what they need to easily enough, they’ll go and look for another, potentially less secure, way to do it. Keep your data safe with an easy-to-use and secure cloud service.

Overall, you need to have some sort of management plan or strategy in place so you can take a few applications at a time and move them to the cloud first – testing the water, ensuring controls are in place, while keeping everything else running as it should.

How will you set up your business for the cloud? Let help4IT know. We may even be able to give you a few pointers.

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