3 Essential IT solutions for business in 2016 and beyond

3-essential-it-solutions-in2016Technology certainly isn’t standing still and the months and year ahead promises to offer even more innovation and evolution within the IT industry. For businesses, this will almost certainly mean both new opportunities and new challenges to be faced, in order to keep ahead of the game.

We’re already in the midst of a move towards a landscape dominated by cloud-based applications, something which will surely take even greater prominence in the future. Add to this changes in the way we manage, store and analyse our data and the heightened awareness for vigilant security and you start to see a picture of the essential IT solutions businesses would do well to focus upon through 2016 and into the future.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Cloud-hosted applications continued on their upward curve in 2015 and all signs suggest that this will carry on through 2016.  With businesses adopting the cloud into their IT solutions stable in overwhelming numbers (more than 90% now investing in cloud apps of some kind) the versatility of cloud based software solutions such as Microsoft 365 will surely continue to develop as essential business tools, as companies evolve towards increasingly mobile operations.

With a revenue growth prediction upwards of 21% on SaaS applications in 2016 and the potential doubling of SaaS sales by 2020 there seems to be no let-up in cloud-hosted services across the global business community.


Internet security and the protection of data is now, and will undoubtedly continue to be, a major factor in business IT solutions. With a series of high profile cyber-attacks across the world in the past year, internet security has found its way to the top of many board meeting agendas. A report from Neustar at the start of 2015 pointed to the increase in DDoS attacks, predicting that this will only grow in the years ahead. And attacks to business come with significant costs, both to the bottom line as well as company reputation.

Faced with such costs and the heightened awareness from business leaders, IT security will be uppermost in many a director’s thoughts with market analysts predicting greater investment in defences against malicious attacks, phishing, and hacking. As more businesses adopt the cloud, IT providers should be offering tailored security solutions from SaaS to encryption services.

Big Data Analytics

Whilst Big Data is not especially new, the term has been around for some years, the level to which businesses are now looking to utilise this data has taken on much greater prominence in recent times.

The ability to analyse data offers businesses the chance to both operate more efficiently and deliver products and services more accurately to their customers.

Therein, however, lies the challenge.

From tweets, posts and emails to the transference of business critical files, the amount of data that’s flowing around the world at any given moment is mind-boggling.

Being able to control this flow of information across your network and IT platforms, to extract, analyse and utilise this data effectively will likely play a greater part in business strategy in an ever more crowded marketplace. Meaning IT solutions should be robust enough to cope, and fit for purpose.


The reality is that, as IT systems play an ever more critical role in business, the need for robust, efficient and up-to-date solutions grows ever more important for day-to-day operations and future success. From further migration towards the cloud, increasing the diligence in security and managing the flow of data will surely prove the essential areas of IT support that a business will need for sustained success.

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