What is the difference between big business call centres and a personal IT support offering?

Call centres provide an essential business function for almost every enterprise. However, it’s worth noting that not all call centres are the same. There are large call centres – the type that most of us would associate with the term “call centre” – and there are much smaller help desk arrangements that offer telephony support on a more compact scale. Other than just the volume of people involved there are some key differences between these two types of IT support.

Call centre vs. personal IT support

Phone-based support is one of the most relied-upon methods of customer service, whether this is outsourced or handled in house. It is an efficient and effective way of building brand loyalty and ensuring that there is always someone available to help. If you’re considering looking for IT support for your business then you will usually have a choice between a large call centre and something smaller and more personal. There are key differences between the two that should help to inform the decision.

General support or specific need

Perhaps the key difference between a larger centre and a more personal operation is the focus. Large call centres often have a very broad remit and may be providing less focused customer service to a much broader selection of people. A more personal IT support offering, on the other hand, tends to be more specialised and tailored to the specific IT support needs of the business in question.

Streamlining and cutting costs

Both of these types of IT support benefit from being outsourced. Cost efficiency and levels of expertise can both be improved by passing support telephony over to an experienced third party to handle. There is no need to engage an overseas business to handle this kind of IT support to see the cost benefits, as there are plenty of businesses local to your country or region willing to manage it at a reduced cost.

Improving the service received

Outsourcing telephony often results in an improvement in service levels thanks to the dedicated nature of the services on offer. Working with an experienced third party enables access to considerably broader industry expertise and consistently high levels of service. Working with a smaller support offering can sometimes provide the advantage of consistency and a more personal approach.

Faster resolution times

The goal for any kind of IT support is to provide issue resolution at speed and both call centres and smaller IT support services are designed to offer this to every client business. Smaller teams often have the advantage of being populated by specialists who are purely focused on technical support rather than customer related services. However, larger teams may be able to cope with greater volume.

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