How to get ready for an internal IT audit

Internal auditing is a method of performing an independent assessment of your business’ objectives, performance and risk management control. More importantly for businesses, an internal IT audit will also determine whether or not your organisation is in compliance with industry regulations. For this reason, it is essential to ensure that your business is properly prepared and has the appropriate evidence to support this. With this in mind, here are our top three tips for preparing your IT department for an internal IT audit:


When preparing for an internal IT audit, it’s important to ensure that everyone involved understands exactly what is expected of them and confirm that all members of the team are following protocol when it comes to the IT systems you have in place. Meet with key stakeholders and discuss how you plan to conduct your audit and acquire feedback on how your audit will affect operations and staff.

This also gives you the opportunity to obtain information and feedback for areas in which your stakeholders consider significant, allowing you to report specifically on areas of concern to reduce apprehension and determine ways to increase efficiency.


Another crucial step in the preparation for an internal IT audit is the gathering of evidence. It’s essential that your IT staff and managers can present evidence on communications and documents regarding all matters concerning security and data. Without this, you could be positioning yourself in a negative light and potentially leaving yourself open to fines from a regulatory board. This stage will reflect whether or not employees have been following the necessary procedures for security matters and allow you to assess whether the audit is likely to encounter any potential vulnerabilities in this area.


You will likely encounter a couple of minor issues when assessing performance and gathering evidence, which is fine. Not every issue will require a major overhaul and many can be fixed with minor adjustments to the processes you have in place. Some processes may need additional monitoring as part of the audit process, allowing you to more efficiently report on operations and respond more effectively to problems.

This presents a good opportunity to implement an automated monitoring process which can report back to you. You can meet many industry regulations by simply identifying where better monitoring is required and implementing a system to oversee this for you.

However, if you decide to prepare for your internal IT audit yourself, it is essential to begin planning as soon as possible. Ensure your IT provider is always offering the skill-set you need and has the experience and capability to handle your requirements whilst ensuring compliance with industry regulations. To speak to one of our team about your IT requirements or enquire about help4IT’s extensive IT services, visit our website here or call today on 0800 043 4448.

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