WiFi Security

5 ways that SMEs can improve their Wi-Fi security

Most SMEs will use Wi-Fi within their business, however many companies are unaware that this can pose security risks if it is not secured properly. Even if you’re no expert, there are a number of things that you can do to improve your Wi-Fi security: #1 Password reset The first thing to do, and that […]

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IT Risks

What are the biggest IT risks currently facing SMEs?

A 2017 survey by Netwrix identified small and medium sized enterprises as a significantly high risk group when it comes to IT security. It found that SMEs are generally characterised by insufficient presence of dedicated IT personnel and a lack of visibility in terms of what is happening in the broader world of IT and […]

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Wifi in School

What considerations are there for controlling WiFi in schools and education?

Educational networks rely on super fast WiFi to ensure access to resources and smooth running of day-to-day operations. Managing WiFi in schools, and in any educational environment, requires a slightly different approach to WiFi than for business or personal use. A different user base, as well as the need to optimise security and accessibility, provide […]

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Charity Giving

help4IT are proud supporters of Crown Global and the Teenage Cancer Trust

At help4IT we are fully committed to an ethos of promoting and supporting the next generation. We have seen first hand how encouraging young people helps to create opportunities for the future and a better, broader world. Within our own business this is something that has become crucial to our strategy. In fact, we have […]

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Cloud Telephony

What can cloud telephony offer businesses on an everyday basis?

Most of us have now gotten used to the idea that IT, such as software needs, can be better served via the cloud. However, other communications often get left behind this way of thinking. Cloud telephony is an essential component in modern business communication, whether that’s phone calls, faxes or text messages. For those still […]

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IT Outsourced

How can outsourcing IT benefit managers and solve real business issues?

Outsourced IT support provides instant and reliable access to experts able to help organisations solve many of the most common business issues. Particularly for small and medium sized enterprises it is a much more cost effective and convenient alternative to setting up and maintaining an expensive in-house team.  And when it comes to adding value, […]

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Is your business GDPR ready?

It’s all change for data protection in 2018, as May sees the arrival of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on British shores.  If you’re among the roughly 50% of small businesses in the UK that aren’t prepared for the GDPR then you have just four months to ensure your enterprise is up to […]

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An introduction to Azure Active Directory

For those looking to manage and create users across a business’ entire spread of cloud-based applications, the Azure Active Directory (AAD) looks like an appealing choice. It’s a cost effective and easy to use option for IT Admins to enable single sign-on access for both business partners and the workforce to a very wide range […]

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