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The Risks of Using Outdated Hardware in Business

As a business owner, you understand the importance of staying competitive. While many companies focus on software and digital strategies to maintain their edge, the hardware that supports these operations often gets overlooked. Using outdated hardware can pose significant risks and challenges that can impact the bottom line. Here we...
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How We Contribute to Successful Cyberattacks

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, it’s not just technological defences that need to be strengthened. While firewalls, encryption, and intrusion detection systems play a pivotal role, there’s a subtle yet equally significant player in the game – the human factor. Here we will delve into the crucial role that...
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Data Acquisition and Sharing Practices in UK Businesses

In the age of information, data has become the new gold. The value of data is undeniable, and businesses worldwide are continuously seeking ways to harness its potential. In the United Kingdom, this is no exception. Here we dive into the world of data acquisition and sharing by UK businesses,...
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Know Your Cybersecurity Regulations

If you’ve been playing any sport, you know that different games have different rules and regulations. The same goes for work, school, and even family life. Breaking rules leads to penalties which at times can be devastating for you. Business is no different. If you store any information about clients,...
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Avoiding Pitfalls- Common Mistakes Charities Make With IT

Charities are dedicated to making a positive impact on society. To achieve their goals, they often rely on Information Technology to manage their operations, reach donors, and deliver services. However, just like any other sector, charities can make IT-related mistakes that hinder their ability to fulfil their missions effectively. Here...
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How IT Can Help You Retain Talent in the Hybrid Working Era

In this era of hybrid and remote work, talent retention has become a hot topic and an issue for many businesses. Communication, collaboration, and security are vital when you want to keep your employees happy and productive. Here we explore ideas for leveraging tech in employee retention. Infrastructure It’s vital...
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Common IT Mistakes Made by Small Businesses  

When starting a new business or attempting to grow a small business into a larger one, there are many things to think about and the attention of the team is often pulled in multiple directions. Building your product or service offering obviously takes highest priority, as well as marketing it...
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Arranging a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

According to research by Vodafone, more than half of SMEs in the UK have experienced some form of cyberattack. Businesses large and small must take steps to improve their security postures and one of the best places to start is with a cybersecurity risk assessment. Here we answer some of...
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Cybersecurity Compliance for UK Law Firms

Law firms are particularly susceptible to cybersecurity attacks as they store highly sensitive information regarding their clients and their court cases. Cybercriminals target law firms in the hope that they can infiltrate their systems, exfiltrate their data, then hold the firm to ransom for large sums of money. According to...
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Why Schools Should Invest in Enhanced Cyber Security and Training

This year alone there have been numerous ransomware attacks on schools in the UK. This has raised a question as to whether schools and other educational facilities invest enough in their cyber security and staff training. The latest victim is UWS, University of West of Scotland who was targeted by...
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How to Choose an IT Service Provider for Your Charity

According to the Charities Aid Foundation, most charities embraced digital during Covid-19 and have continued to be reliant on advances in technology to be able to support their missions and make a meaningful impact on their communities. An essential component in charities being able to maximise the benefits of technology...
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The Rise of AI: How AI is Leveraged in IT Services

In the ever-evolving world of IT services, AI has emerged as a driving force behind transformative innovations and improved efficiency. This revolutionary concept has infiltrated various aspects of IT services, shaping the industry’s landscape and unlocking a realm of possibilities that were once only imaginable in science fiction. In this...
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How to Choose the Right IT Services Provider for Your Legal Practice

According to Lexis Nexis, 84% of top law firms have invested in Document Management Systems and 81% in Virtual Data Rooms. With many smaller firms also embracing the digital revolution, firms are becoming increasingly reliant on new technologies to protect their clients’ data. A critical component in ensuring the technology...
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