A transformative IT project helped Age UK Camden, a charity helping older people in the London Borough of Camden, consolidate data across the organisation, standardise the applications they use, and retire their on-premise server.


Age UK Camden is an independent charity that helps older people to stay active, connected and get the most out of their lives. They have been working with the local community to support older people for over fifty years and have over 100 dedicated staff and around 200 volunteers helping to deliver high quality, innovative services and activities for older people in Camden. Their overall mission is to work with and for older people in Camden to promote wellbeing, helping make later life a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

Age UK Camden operates over four sites, with their head office at Tavis House, Tavistock Square, two day centres (Kings Cross and Hampstead), as well as a shop on Leather Lane. The charity is supported by donations from the public, income from the charity shop and legacies to continue their work.


Age UK Camden appointed help4IT to consolidate data across all sites and their main office to a central location that could be easily accessed by the staff at both the office and from remote locations.

The secondary aim was to standardise the applications and operating systems that were being used by the team across the organisation by upgrading the IT systems that were considered outdated.

There was a strong desire to migrate on-premise hosted services to Microsoft Office 365 and remove the hosted server dependency as the servers had reached storage capacity. This would also involve instructor led training for network users utilising the new Microsoft Office 365 suite, with a focus on SharePoint.

Age UK Camden wanted to ensure that all implementations were in accordance with data protection and network security across both offices in order for them to remain legally compliant.


help4IT migrated Age UK Camden’s core IT infrastructure to the cloud. This included migrating the Exchange Server hosted email services to Exchange Online and file services being migrated from the File Server to SharePoint Online with OneDrive integration to Office 365.

help4IT introduced a cloud-based data backup service to back up all the client’s data and emails via implementation of the Datto Backupify Disaster recovery solution.

help4IT implemented Azure Active Directory sync which works with Active Directory as an extra layer of security and centralised user management.

help4IT replaced the ageing desktop hardware in the Head Office and Care Centre sites with new Clients for compliance and system integration.

help4IT then reviewed accountancy and HR applications such as Sage 50 accounts and support with the migration of these applications in the cloud.

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Age UK Camden now benefit from using cloud services which provides them with a high availability of service and enhanced mobility, whilst retaining the same level of data security.

IT systems at both the Head Office and Care Centres have been updated to the current Operating System version for compliance and system integration.

All data and applications have been consolidated and network users now have access to Office suite applications via a Web browser. Using these desktop applications allows network users to collaborate on documents securely.

Age UK Camden now have added ‘peace of mind’ knowing that they have a data backup and disaster recovery solution in place, in addition to an optional layer of security through the implementation of multifactor login authentication. This helps to ensure that their data is secure, and the charity remains compliant with the latest data protection legal regulations.

Age UK Camden staff have now adopted the new system and are working seamlessly with the Microsoft Office 365 hosted services platform.


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“As an organisation, Age UK Camden had made the decision to move to Office 365, and use SharePoint for our file system, rather than replace our servers. There were some concerns within the charity from users who were not proficient with the new technology and felt that there might be difficulties in adapting to a new way of working.”

“Having now worked with SharePoint since help4IT completed our migration, I can say that we are very happy with the way that help4IT handled this project. Rather than just moving our existing file structure into SharePoint, they took the time to consult with users to gain a better understanding of our organisational structure and designed a tailored SharePoint solution that fits Age UK Camden. As a result, the network users can access and share the files that they need, both quickly and easily. Senior staff can manage their teams more effectively, and our data protection compliance has greatly improved. The users who had experienced painful SharePoint projects in the past were pleasantly surprised by how much help4IT engaged with them in order to provide a tailored solution that maximised the synergy between SharePoint features and Age UK Camden’s requirements.”

“We feel fortunate to have completed this project prior to Coronavirus, as we have been able to maintain service delivery throughout with approx. 90% of staff working from home and others at our various sites. With our old system we wouldn’t have been able to function at all well. Office 365 has enabled our charity to collaborate more effectively with the various partners in health & our local authority who have also recently migrated to O365. With the use of office 365 and the team at help4IT we were able to roll out remote working arrangements quickly and effectively, which enabled us to focus on supporting the older people in Camden during the pandemic.”

Senior Services Manager (AGE UK CAMDEN)


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