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Transforming Legal Technology

The Client

Discover how a leading media and technology law firm, with a legacy system, partnered with help4IT to overcome challenges and revolutionise their IT landscape. Nestled in the heart of Soho, London, this firm, known for its profound legal and commercial expertise, sought to enhance its operations to better serve its diverse growing clientele. Our client stands out for seamlessly merging legal and commercial knowledge across media, entertainment, leisure, and technology sectors. Their collaborative approach with corporate finance, employment, real estate, family, and dispute resolution groups ensures unparalleled, bespoke services.

The Challenge and Strategic Solutions

Recognising the need for technological advancements, the firm engaged help4IT inFebruary 2019. The challenges encompassed in-house IT systems and also creating an IT roadmap. Embarking on a transformative journey, help4IT initiated projects to enhance connectivity and performance. The in-house WiFi system was replaced with a cloud-managed Cisco Meraki solution, enabling flexibility and productivity across multiple office levels. A secure Microsoft “Always On VPN” solution facilitated remote work during Covid lockdowns. To foster collaboration, the email system transitioned to Exchange Online, part of Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Teams was deployed for efficient teamwork across various locations. Adapting to the evolving work environment, help4IT transitioned from desktop PCs to a more versatile setup, incorporating docking stations and furnishing users with Apple MacBook Pro’s and Microsoft Windows-based laptops. Our commitment to safeguarding client confidentiality and legal data is exemplified through robust cybersecurity measures. Allowing the law firm to stay at the forefront of SRA and regulatory compliance with our all-encompassing services, guaranteeing that their IT infrastructure seamlessly aligns with legal standards. The implementation of Microsoft Intune has streamlined endpoint management, significantly reducing the time spent by IT staff on administrative tasks. Recognising the importance of a streamlined document management system, help4IT assisted in selecting a reliable cloud-based replacement, iManage, ensuring a smooth transition from the existing Lawman system. The commitment to excellence extended to providing a secondary helpdesk and technical services, meeting ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 27001 (Security) standards. This not only addressed first-line and second-line support incidents but also provided out-of-hours support. Our continued consultancy services have added depth to the IT department, ensuring the technology at the firm is always at the forefront within the legal industry beyond the law firm’s expertise.

The Client’s Testimonial

“After recognising the growing concern among our senior partners about the legacy IT systems within our law firm, we sought assistance from help4IT in 2019. They conducted a comprehensive review of our existing systems and collaborated with our internal IT team to develop and implement a strategic five-year roadmap. Thanks to their expertise, we successfully updated our infrastructure and remained resilient during the COVID lockdowns. By migrating our email to Microsoft 365 and transitioning to Microsoft InTune-managed laptops and Apple MacBook Pro’s with AlwaysOn VPN, we seamlessly shifted to remote work when necessary. Additionally, help4IT facilitated our transition from an in-house document management system, Lawman, to the iManage cloud service. This transition has significantly improved productivity and reliability while allowing us to decommission a substantial portion of our servers and DR systems. Moreover, help4IT continues to provide a secondary Helpdesk Service that operates under ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 27001 (Security) standards. This service handles support incidents and provides out-of-hours support, enabling our internal team to focus on essential projects and high-value tasks. Overall, our partnership with help4IT has been instrumental in modernising our IT infrastructure, improving efficiency, and ensuring business continuity in challenging times. We highly recommend their consultancy and support services to any organisation seeking to enhance their IT capabilities.”
Senior Partner Law Firm – Soho, London
Law firm scales, representing private law firm client

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