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We deliver both fully outsourced and regularly scheduled on-site support. Our consultants also routinely provide one-time and per-project work for existing and new customers, covering everything from networking and security, to upgrade cycles and project consultancy customers to meet any need.

With a focus on small to medium-sized customers, we strive to provide the highest value UK computer support services available. Our customers span a diverse range of industries, including advertising, construction, finance, entertainment, legal, and manufacturing. For every customer, we develop and deliver a customised support plan to satisfy their unique situation, requirements and budget.


For the last 15 years, the charity has grown organically to a team of 12 staff and 40 volunteers based at an office in south west London. With a philosophy of maximising the use of its limited resources to benefit homeless people, reducing unnecessary costs is a key requirement. Information technology is essential for the charity, which uses a range of common office productivity tools such as word processing, email, CRM, and database software.


The charity initially chose to use a Linux-based server in an effort to reduce costs, but its incumbent IT service provider was unable to solve an issue. So Groundswell turned to help4IT for assistance. As Linux experts, help4IT solved the issue and Groundswell decided to switch to the service provider as its outsourced IT department.


Over the last 5 years, help4IT has helped the charity with day to day technical support, office moves and server upgrades. “We did experiment with having a part-time in-house IT person but it was not a good option for us,” explains Athol Hallé, Chief Executive of Groundswell UK. “Both the high cost and the lack of flexibility made outsourcing our IT to a professional IT service provider a much better option.” Hallé highlights the responsiveness of help4IT as a valuable attribute. “Over the years they have provided us with a good service that has allowed us to stop worrying about our IT systems and focus on working with homeless people.”

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